Swift and Fierce: The Recap

(Episode 7) In this dramatic guest-drawn episode of Swift and Fierce, our dynamic duo team up with Invisible Ninja to find Mr. Metal. But when Swift, Fierce, and Invisible Ninja return from their failed attempt to find the evil super-genius, they discover the dojo is on fire! Sensei gets caught in the blaze but the ninjas arrive just in time to get him out. Fierce accuses Invisible Ninja of setting the fire, but Swift comes to Invisible Ninja’s defense. After a heated argument between our two heroes, Swift decides to work with Invisible Ninja, leaving Fierce behind to look after Sensei.

Swift soon discovers Fierce was right! Invisible Ninja is in cahoots with Mr. Metal and has secretly been trying to break up their team by destroying the dojo, injuring Sensei, and driving a wedge between her and Fierce. But her discovery comes too late. Before Swift can return to Fierce and Sensei, she’s confronted by Mr. Metal and his new partner, ex-ninja Tundra. Swift is knocked-out and held captive as the villainous troupe finalize their plans for world domination through use of the Time Sceptre.

(Episode 8) Before the two-part grand finale of Swift and Fierce, let’s recap the events so far with ninjas-in-training, Troy and Trina!

Swift and Fierce RecapSwift and Fierce Recap_2

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